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29 May 2008

Es lebe Amazon!

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Die gasten bij Amazon zijn ongelooflijk, zo’n goede service! Okey, ik heb mijn bestelling dan wel niet ontvangen, ondanks dat vind ik dat ze bij Amazon een ontzettend goede Customer Service hebben. Wat is er gebeurd? Ik schreef gisteren een mail, lees:

I contacted DHL, the tracking number is: xxx-xxxxx-xxx
DHL says: “Order is held up in Sao Paulo, Brazil due to wrong airport code label.”
Destination should be: Brussels, airport code label = “BRU”
Since 4 days the order is stuck in “GRU” which apparently is in Sao Paulo, Brazil – which is the wrong destination. On top of that: Brazilian Customs went on strike since a while now. DHL is not optimistic to get this order soon out of Brazil and I need those books urgently for my customer who needs it for a seminar due on the 2nd of June in Germany.
I realise this is not Amazon’s mistake but please find me a solution asap. I suggest to re-send me the whole order by a new one. I leave it up to Amazon to try recuperate the initial order which is now stuck in Brazil. Many thanks and with kind regards, Huug.

Nog geen uur later krijg ik een mail terug met een antwoord, ze plooien zich daar zowaar in twee (wat zeg ik: in vier) met excuses:

Thank you for contacting regarding this matter.
First, I want to sincerely apologize for the time taken to adequately respond to your concerns. I realize that you have been greatly inconvenienced by this situation. This is unacceptable and is not what we want you to expect from us.
I’ve reviewed our previous correspondence and your order. It appears that one of my colleagues has already promised you of an advanced refund for the error on our part as you need the shipment for a seminar on Friday.
We do take full responsibility for any delays that result from errors made during shipping.
Kindly note that, it is quite possible that the refund is created by the time you are reading this message. However, you will be notified as soon as the refund is created.
We can certainly understand that this was not what you expected when you placed your order. We pride ourselves in being focused on customers like you who make our company successful. I apologize that your experience with this order has not been consistent with that philosophy.
If you have any further questions, please copy and paste the URL into your web browser to reach the specific page to send us an e-mail.
I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding.
Please be assured that this is not a typical experience and in no way did we intend for this to happen. I hope that you will give us another opportunity to prove the quality of our service to you in the future.
Thanks for shopping with
Please let us know if this e-mail resolved your question.
Best regards, Customer Service

Brrr, hier werd ik eventjes stil van. R-e-s-p-e-c-t, hastn!

Bon, nu nog die boeken herbestellen. Ergens. Deadline levering: 2 Juni. Gaat spannend worden. Toch maar Waterstones opnieuw proberen. *Zucht*

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